Getting Started As A Comedian Is Different For Everyone

Some people who are looking to jump into stand-up comedy may be under the impression that getting started as a comedian is the same for everyone.

Well, that’s not exactly correct.

While most people start out at comedy club open mic nights, those are not the only avenues that get folks into the stand-up comedy game, nor is it exactly the same depending upon where someone lives.

Let me give you some examples of what I am referring to:

In some areas, there are copious amounts of open mic night opportunities for new comedians to become involved with.

Primarily, these sorts of numerous places for new comedians to perform tend to exist in the larger cities like LA and NYC where there are a greater number of comedy clubs or other stand-up comedy venues that offer comedy open mic opportunities.

But what about stand-up comedy performing opportunities in the rest of the country?

Well, some areas may be large enough to support one or two comedy clubs that offer comedy open mic performances for new comedians.

Still, there are plenty of areas that simply do not have a dedicated comedy club that offers an open mic night for new comedians.

Folks in these areas may actually promote their own comedy shows locally for any assembled group of people they can get in front of.

Or they will travel to get the initial stage time that they need.

Still others may get started as a comedian in local talent contests or comedy competitions and progress from there if they do well.

Here’s what I know when it comes to getting started as a comedian:

How people start and progress as a comedian can vary quite a bit depending upon where they live and the availability (or lack of availability) of performing opportunities in their local area.

Folks who are passionate and driven to become comedians seem to be able to find some way to perform and develop their stand-up comedy talent no matter where they live.

There is more than one way to approach becoming a comedian, especially if an individual is able and willing to develop and deliver a clean stand-up comedy act (which opens up many more potential performing opportunities than with an adult stand-up comedy act).

Here’s what I would tell ANYBODY who is serious about getting started as a comedian, regardless of how many or how few the “obvious” performing opportunities may be in any given area:

Be willing to think “outside the box” to get as much stage time as possible.

There is NO substitute for stage experience in front of a wide variety of audiences if you want to succeed as a comedian.

Squeeze the MAXIMUM amount of benefit out of EVERY performance.

In other words, make calculated and intelligent adjustments to your act after EVERY performance in order to make greater headway in the next performance in short order.

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