Comedy Open Mic: The Starting Point For Most Comedians

For those who are looking to jump into stand-up comedy, the starting point for most new comedians is the comedy open mic.

The most common place to find a comedy open mic is at a local comedy club if the city is large enough to have a comedy club.

Smaller cities and towns that don’t have a comedy club may have some sort of open mic that comedians can participate in other venues (coffee houses for example that host a variety of performing artists).

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Here’s some basic information about comedy open mics: 

 If offered at a comedy club, the open mic will usually be a bringer show. That means that you will have to bring some people to a show in order to qualify for stage time.

Most new comedians are awful and very ill prepared to deliver a solid stand-up comedy routine.

Note: This makes for a great opportunity for comedians who have talent and are well prepared to deliver a professional level stand-up comedy act. 

The better spots in a comedy open mic tend to be at the beginning of the show because as each awful comedian croaks out a substandard act, audience members leave.

Comedians who are able to develop a clean stand-up comedy act have the ability to take advantage of performing opportunities outside the comedy open mic scene.

Note: This is one of the reasons that I now include the Corporate Comedy Secrets course in my online course materials. 

Here’s the bottom line: 

Anyone who wants to become a comedian must accumulate stage experience in order to develop and hone a stand-up comedy act that generates noteworthy laughs.

But simply racking up performances is of little value if a comedian doesn’t know how to rapidly improve on a show by show basis.

And the faster a new comedian can develop a solid stand-up comedy act that generates laughs on a consistent basis, the faster they are able to get gigs beyond the comedy open mic.

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