Comedian Teams Can Have Some Significant Advantages

One of the things that I suspect will become more and more prevalent is comedians working together as a performance team.

The reason that I say that is fairly simple:

Usually it takes a fair amount of time to develop a stand-alone 45-60 minute headliner level stand-up comedy routine.

It is at this level that any individual comedian has the most “marketable” (and salable) comedy entertainment product they can produce – and one for which they can get paid the most for.

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That’s why there are some significant advantages when it comes to working with a team of comedians.

Let me explain why I say that...

On an individual level, it takes far less time to develop 10-15 high level minutes of stand-up comedy material than it does to develop 45-60 minutes of high level stand-up comedy material.

Subsequently, it would take a team of comedians each performing 10 minutes of killer material far less time collectively to put together a high level 45+ minute stand-up comedy show than to do that strictly on an individual basis as a general rule.

Don’t get me wrong – while there are certainly advantages of working with a team of comedians to put together a solid stand-up comedy show (like getting paid to perform more quickly), there are also challenges as well.

One big challenge is being able to find comedians who will not only work together as a team, but can actually deliver a high quality stand-up comedy show collectively (or evolve quickly to do that).

I have seen comedians try to work in teams and promote their own shows, but the problem was that most of the comedians in the team simply were not yet funny enough to deliver a solid show collectively.

In other words, having two comedians that can deliver the goods and three comedians who can’t get laughs won’t make for a marketable (or salable) comedy entertainment product.

Just like approaching stand-up comedy on an individual basis, there are far more potential performing opportunities outside the comedy club market provided a collectively clean act can be delivered by a team of comedians.

Subsequently, it can be difficult to assemble a team of comedians who are willing or capable of developing a collective comedy entertainment product that is suitable for both inside and outside the comedy club market.

And like any other sort of “team” endeavor, there can be ego conflicts where members of a team of comedians have issues rotating among the various positions of a stand-up comedy show (mc/opener, middle and headliner positions) or...

Some stand-up comedy team members can’t accept that they don’t yet have the stand-up comedy “mojo” to tackle the higher level positions in a stand-up comedy show.

Still, comedians who are able to work together as a team and can deliver a high value stand-up comedy show collectively have the potential to progress more quickly and actually get paid to perform than on an individual basis.

Plus, working with a team of comedians doesn’t interfere with a comedian reaching their individual stand-up comedy goals.

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  1. So true. Our team has been together almost 2 years and everyone one of us has benefited by working together.