Writing Stand-up Comedy Material Can Be A Challenge

Most people who make the decision to become a comedian automatically assume that they must write stand-up comedy material in a literary fashion (that is designed to be read).

This can create some additional challenges when it comes to producing stand-up comedy material that will actually get laughs because most of a comedian’s ability to generate laughs does not lie with the literal words that are used.

I always recommend that comedians don’t try to write stand-up comedy material in the literary sense and here’s why:

We talk and communicate verbally much differently than we are taught to write.

You need only to record your half of any phone conversation and transcribe what you said to see this for yourself.

Without the other powerful aspects of verbal communication factored in right from the beginning, stand-up comedy material that is “written” tends to have too many words before a punchline, which automatically reduces the number of punchlines that can be delivered in any given minute of a stand-up comedy routine.

All forms of “literary” types of writing can lend itself to frequent episodes of writer’s block.

Audiences don’t read stand-up comedy material. Subsequently, they could care less about how comedy material reads from a piece of paper.

If you don’t know what a punchline is relative to you and your natural expressive comedy traits, you will have a difficult time incorporating the punchline frequency that you need to entertain audiences at a high level.

You might be asking yourself “So, are you saying not produce stand-up comedy material on paper?”

Yes, you DO want to have your stand-up comedy material written out because otherwise you can’t physically see the words that you will be using as they exit your mouth.

But there is a huge difference between trying to write stand-up comedy material and writing down what you want say and express to an audience in a structured way designed to get frequent laughs.

And there are much easier and faster methods of developing stand-up comedy material for the stage than trying to fabricate jokes out of thin air from a blank piece of paper.

So before you set out to write stand-up comedy material the hard way, you might want to check out the Killer Stand-up Online Course.

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