Tools Every Comedian Should Be Using For Performance Improvement

Developing and delivering a high level stand-up comedy routine takes effort and skill. But the speed at which a comedian progresses can be greatly influenced by the tools they use for performance improvement.

There are three valuable tools available to comedians to improve their performances: a video recording device, a stopwatch and Comedy Evaluator Pro. My comments follow this related video:

Here’s a synopsis of the tools comedians should be using:

A video recording device. A video recording device is essential to determine areas of improvement based on both delivery and audience laughter response.

Most people today have cell phones that will record enough video for performance improvement purposes.

Note: An audio recorder can be used but it doesn’t reveal the delivery aspects of a stand-up comedy act that have the greatest impact on audience laughter response.

A stopwatch with a lap timer function. A stopwatch with a lap timer function can be used to get a gauge of an overall stand-up comedy performance.

One needs only to only know the length of a stand-up comedy performance in seconds divided into the seconds of accumulated of laughter generated by that performance to get a laugh time to performance time ratio.

The higher the ratio, the more powerful a comedian’s stand-up comedy is.

Note: A ratio of .30 or above (or 30%+ of a comedian’s time on stage is audience laughter) is headliner level.

The main issue with using a stopwatch is that it doesn’t provide a minute-by-minute analysis of a comedian’s act for performance improvement.

Comedy Evaluator Pro. The Comedy Evaluator Pro online software not only offers and easy means to get an overall performance laughter generation measurement, but also provides a means to measure:
  • Number of laughs per minute
  • Duration of each laugh (in seconds) each minute
This can help a comedian quickly drill down and identify each minute of their stand-up comedy act that needs adjustment, editing or removal of unnecessary lines or material that is limiting laughter response.

In other words, Comedy Evaluator Pro can essentially eliminate the guesswork about exactly which parts of a comedians act needs the most rework and in what priority on a minute-by-minute basis.

Speed in developing a high level stand-up comedy routine is not only critical to a comedian’s sustained interest and motivation in the art, but also to a comedian’s progression as a pro comedian.

Using the performance improvement tools that I have described have the potential to literally shave years off the time it takes a comedian to develop and deliver a high level stand-up comedy routine, not to mention that…

Most comedians do NOTHING as far as performance improvement goes, providing comedians who do engage in intelligent and deliberate performance improvement activities with a significant advantage.

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