Basic Stand-up Comedy Tips For New Comedians

New comedians can sometimes have unrealistic ideas about how to progress when they first start their stand-up comedy adventures.

In the video below, you will find some basic stand-up comedy tips for new comedians:

More Stand-up Comedy Tips

The first order of business for any new comedian is to develop a solid and consistent stand-up comedy act that generates the biggest audience laughs possible.
It will be a comedian’s stand-up comedy act that will get them recognized for paid work as a professional comedy entertainer -- whether be in comedy clubs, by talent agents or from other comedians who promote their own stand-up comedy shows.

Note: What I have just presented applies to any type of stand-up comedy from rated G to rated R and beyond or any type of comedy "style". 

If you frequent comedy open mics, you will see that relatively few new comedians are able to deliver a stand-up comedy act that generates noteworthy laughs (which means more opportunities for those who can).

There are two primary entities that a comedian needs to please with their stand-up comedy:

The comedian themselves. Because stand-up comedy is an expressive performing art, it makes sense that the comedian be satisfied with the topics, subjects or content of they are expressing to an audience.

The audience. Every comedian has the dual responsibility of also entertaining audiences with their stand-up comedy material. Otherwise, they simply won’t get far in their stand-up comedy endeavors.

When it comes to introducing new stand-up comedy material to an audience, there is simply no way to completely eliminate trial and error.

But it can be reduced dramatically if: 

1. A comedian will video tape and review their stand-up comedy act objectively after each performance to edit, adjust or remove stand-up comedy material that is simply not producing the desired laughter results.

2. A comedian will take the time and effort to properly prepare to develop and deliver the tightest stand-up comedy act possible before they take it to the stage.

Those are just a few of the most basic, yet most important stand-up comedy tips I can think of for new comedians who want to move ahead of the pack.

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