Comedian Jokes: Every Minute Counts

It doesn’t matter what process, system or method that a person uses to develop stand-up comedy material.

The reality is that the number of comedian jokes that are delivered during a stand-up comedy routine each minute is a big deal.

More specifically, I am talking about the number of punchlines delivered each minute.

A headline level stand-up comedy routine will produce an average of 18 or more seconds of audience laughter each performing minute.

Note: A comedian does not have to be a headlining comedian to do this if they know how to develop and prepare to deliver a tightly structured stand-up comedy routine.

In order to generate an average of 18 seconds or more of laughter each performing minute, a comedian will need to deliver 4-6+ punchlines each minute.

For those who are using the old school, one liner, two liner style comedian jokes, that means they will need to deliver 4-6+ jokes each minute.

For those who are using the relatively new topic style of stand-up comedy material, that means that they will need to deliver 4-6+ punchlines associated with the topic each performing minute.

Note: This is also known as a conversational or storytelling stand-up comedy style.

And until a comedian is able to do this, they simply won’t make much progress as a comedian.

On the other side of the coin, a comedian who can only generate 1-2 laughs per performing minute is almost always bombing on stage, no matter how many jokes or punchlines they deliver.

Needless to say, punchline frequency does matter greatly no matter what style or type of comedian jokes a comedy performer is delivering.

I favor topic based comedy material (and that is what I teach in my course) because it is easier to develop a quantity of stand-up comedy material and once a topic or subject has been initially presented, there is no further set-up required allowing for more and frequent punchlines.

There is much more involved when it comes to producing stand-up comedy material that works and will generate the frequent audience laughs needed than simply trying to "write" words and sentences on paper.

But it is not difficult for those who have comedy talent and know how to capture, structure and effectively deliver their comedy talent for the stage.

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