Clean Comedy Presents Some Significant Opportunities

One of the important decisions a comedian must make is the type of stand-up comedy act that they develop. The reason I say that is because a clean comedy act provides substantially more performing opportunities and significantly greater income.

Now don’t get me wrong – the type of act a comedian decides to develop is strictly a personal choice.

And no matter what type of act a comedian chooses to develop, they will still need to generate an average of 4-6+ laughs per minute in order to make headway with their stand-up comedy routine.

Here are some of the advantages of developing a clean comedy act:

Comedians with a clean comedy act have the ability to take advantage of performing opportunities in both the comedy clubs and in the larger markets outside the comedy club arena.

The per show pay for a clean comedy act outside the comedy club market is 5-10+ times greater than comedy club headliner pay.

Comedians with a clean act can work in teams to produce a full comedy show for markets outside the comedy club market.

In other words, an individual comedian working with a team of other comedians need only produce a fraction of the high level stand-up comedy material needed to produce a full 45-60 minute stand-up comedy show.

Comedians with a powerful and clean comedy act can take advantage of local talent agencies – something that comedian comedians with an adult act usually cannot do.

In the US, there are roughly 300 dedicated comedy clubs nationwide at any given time.

But there are over 17,000 businesses with 500+ employees that host any number of events that use entertainment during the year. There are also countless organizations and associations that host events year round as well.

Comedians with a clean comedy act can provide a unique entertainment option for any event that would usually employ a band or DJ.

These are important considerations for sure for those who want to capitalize on their comedy talent as a professional comedian.

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  1. great post!! i like your thoughts that comedy should be clean and neat. so that it can see and watch with family's comedians are mostly used the sexism sometimes feel shameful to watch it.