Story Telling And Topic Based Stand-up Comedy Material Has Some Advantages

As far as structure goes, there are two basic types of stand-up comedy material: the one-line, two line joke and the story or topic based jokes.

Before I get into a discussion about the advantages of story or topic based jokes, it is important to realize that the number of punchlines delivered each minute for a high impact stand-up comedy routine remains the same no matter what stand-up comedy material structure a comedian uses.

Here are some advantages of developing and delivering topic based or story-type stand-up comedy material: 

Stand-up Comedy Material: A Candid Discussion

Below you will find a video with a spirited discussion about various types of stand-up comedy material and what really matters most for a comedian to progress.

But before you review the video, please note that the discussion in the video applies to ANY type of stand-up comedy material, whether it be rated G or it is “adults only” material. My comments follow:

Here’s what I believe is most important when it comes to the stand-up comedy material a comedian chooses to deliver on stage:

Small Audiences Should Matter To Every Comedian

I’m going to be bold and say that a new comedian’s ability to entertain smaller audiences holds the key to not only their future performing opportunities, but their ability to entertain bigger and bigger audiences at a high level.

Here’s why I say that:

In the beginning, a new comedian is an unproven performer who is in the process of developing the highest level stand-up comedy act that they can.

Subsequently, most new comedians don’t get the opportunity to perform for 50-100+ audience members in the beginning.

As a matter of fact, most will be lucky if they are able to perform for a couple of dozen people.

Still, a comedian’s ability to entertain small audiences is very important for a number of reasons: