The Number Of Words In A Stand-up Comedy Routine Can Vary Each Minute

While I will be the first to tell you that brevity (particularly when it comes to the set-up aspect of jokes) is a critical factor when it comes to developing a stand-up comedy routine that generates frequent laughs on a minute-by-minute basis, there’s no way to determine a set or standard number of words a comedian should or should not use.

All I can do is tell you what I know and I will start with this:

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There are 60 seconds in a minute. During any minute of a stand-up comedy routine, a comedian is either talking or the audience is responding with laughter (or not responding).

Both of these events take up time. The more time the audience spends laughing, the less time a comedian spends talking and vice versa. Now here's the rest of the story...

What Makes Stand-up Comedy Difficult?

On the surface it is easy to assume that stand-up comedy shouldn’t be that hard.

Comedians who are able to generate huge laughs on stage seem to largely talk about common, everyday things and appear to glide through their stand-up comedy act with apparent ease.

But once an individual makes the decision to take a shot at stand-up comedy, they can find that it is far more difficult task to get significant laughs than what meets the eye when watching a professional comedian perform.

So where is the disconnect? What is it that makes stand-up comedy difficult?

Here are some things to consider:

Tools Every Comedian Should Be Using For Performance Improvement

Developing and delivering a high level stand-up comedy routine takes effort and skill. But the speed at which a comedian progresses can be greatly influenced by the tools they use for performance improvement.

There are three valuable tools available to comedians to improve their performances: a video recording device, a stopwatch and Comedy Evaluator Pro. My comments follow this related video:

Here’s a synopsis of the tools comedians should be using: