The Problem With Trying To “Find” Stand-up Comedy Topics

There is an interesting thing that happens when a person makes the decision to take a stab at stand-up comedy – specifically, this nagging question seems to pop up:

How do I find funny stand-up comedy topics to write jokes about?

I have firsthand experience with this and it was only after I developed my system for developing stand-up comedy material that I fully understood where the disconnect was when it came to trying to “figure out” what to talk about on stage.

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False Assumptions Can Create Major Roadblocks

The Ideal Day Job For Comedians?

I have believed for a long time that the perfect day job for a comedian (especially a working comedian) would be something that is internet based, giving them plenty of time to work on their stand-up comedy career.

Unfortunately, the learning curve to start and maintain any sort of “traditional” internet business enterprise is pretty darn steep, time intensive, potentially costly and can take a long time to make any real headway in the making moola category.

But what if there was some sort of internet based “job” a comedian could do that capitalized on knowledge that they already have and could take advantage of? I couldn't think of any until...

I ran across an interesting webinar about becoming a social media manager. Basically it involves managing the social media platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.) for small to medium sized businesses.

Why Most Stand-up Comedy Material Doesn’t Read Funny On Paper

Sometimes I get into spirited discussions with comedians at all levels when I say that most stand-up comedy material doesn’t read funny on paper.

Just to be clear, some stand-up comedy material will read funny on paper. It will always be that way, just by its very nature.

But one of the big traps that many comedians fall into is assuming that all of their stand-up comedy material must “read” funny before it will work on the stand-up comedy stage.

That is false and here’s why that's important to know:

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Words and sentences on paper simply do not fully represent how stand-up comedy material is expressed.

As a matter of fact...