Writing Stand-up Comedy Material Can Be A Challenge

Most people who make the decision to become a comedian automatically assume that they must write stand-up comedy material in a literary fashion (that is designed to be read).

This can create some additional challenges when it comes to producing stand-up comedy material that will actually get laughs because most of a comedian’s ability to generate laughs does not lie with the literal words that are used.

I always recommend that comedians don’t try to write stand-up comedy material in the literary sense and here’s why:

Clean Comedy Presents Some Significant Opportunities

One of the important decisions a comedian must make is the type of stand-up comedy act that they develop. The reason I say that is because a clean comedy act provides substantially more performing opportunities and significantly greater income.

Now don’t get me wrong – the type of act a comedian decides to develop is strictly a personal choice.

And no matter what type of act a comedian chooses to develop, they will still need to generate an average of 4-6+ laughs per minute in order to make headway with their stand-up comedy routine.

Here are some of the advantages of developing a clean comedy act:

Comedian Jokes: Every Minute Counts

It doesn’t matter what process, system or method that a person uses to develop stand-up comedy material.

The reality is that the number of comedian jokes that are delivered during a stand-up comedy routine each minute is a big deal.

More specifically, I am talking about the number of punchlines delivered each minute.

A headline level stand-up comedy routine will produce an average of 18 or more seconds of audience laughter each performing minute.

Note: A comedian does not have to be a headlining comedian to do this if they know how to develop and prepare to deliver a tightly structured stand-up comedy routine.